the eric update: media matters

i almost forgot to mention that blogging baby decided to post a follow-up to their original post, which is adding to the number of new visitors. i think it must be some sort of record to get two posts from blogging baby in a single month, so a hearty “hallo” is in order for all the new folks coming to the site.

well, some of you predicted this right from start, but we might be seeing eric IV getting a lot more attention in the coming weeks. today, i was contacted by the editor of a print publication with a large circulation base who wants to do a story on us and the blog. i won’t name names, since nothing has been signed and i haven’t seen any details or specifics – just that they are interested and wanted to know if i was amenable to the idea. i can’t think of a good reason to not do it, since so many people seem to be interested in following eric’s progress. maybe i should put a little more thought into the book that everyone seems to be clamoring for 🙂

one can only imagine the look of horror on the poor copy editor’s face after she sees what she has to deal with, if the story involves editing this site’s content for a magazine, what with my general disregard for the normal rules of capitalization and punctuation.

and i was contacted by a very nice woman at the march of dimes ( i won’t name her by name unless she sends me an email saying it’s fine to do so. anyway, in a very lovely and gracious email, she asked for permission to use select images from the site in a campaign or promotion, if the opportunity presented itself. again, it’s odd to think that a month ago, i was a mild mannered guy with no kids and now, well, things are quite different. of course, the march of dimes can use any image that they want as long as they let me know ahead of time and attribute it appropriately.

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