the eric update – day 57: i come in peace. bearing ( ahem ) gifts.

now that eric isn’t doesn’t have to endure the sounds of cpap, he can hear quite a bit more of the nicu noise, so it’s important to find calming background noise to help block out the ambient sounds.

recently, my sister, candy, sent a bunch of super thoughtful gifts – one of which was this giant bear that makes a woooshing sound when you turn it on. it makes a nice change from the same old music we play to him all the time. we also found necklaces in the box with the symbol for “odin’s knot”, which is quite appropriate since eric is otherwise known as odin. she also sent a couple of blank postcards with the original odin on the front. oh, and there was also a pair of vans!

it might be awhile before he fits into them, but we’ll surely keep them around and get a picture of the event. thanks!.

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