the eric update – day 16: doing the ‘roo with pops

day 16: doing the 'roo with pops

finally! after a false start earlier in the week and kris hogging all the kangaroo care time recently ( obviously, i hold no malice – moms always get first dibs on kangaroo time ), i was beginning to wonder when i’d ever get a chance to get some skin-to-skin time.

day 16: man in the mirror I

he was quite content the entire time, save for every so often when he’d get squirmy and dig his tiny little fingers into my chest.

day 16: man in the mirror II

he stayed on my chest for two hours without throwing a single, solitary alarm. it’s amazing how much their breathing and heart rate stabilize when doing kangaroo care. he’d been having bouts of bradycardia all morning long that immediately disappeared as soon as he was put on my chest. and his heart rate really does do less “bouncing around”.

day 16:  a quick smile

it’s hard to believe that there are still some fairly prominent nicus that don’t encourage the practice. even if the physiological benefits to the baby weren’t fairly well proven, it obviously does the parents a world of good.

as you can see, he was a very happy boy after it was all done – all smiles and making cutesy eyes at kris.

day 16: all the better to smell you with?

unfortunately, the CPAP mask is doing funny things to his nostrils and making them look upturned and gigantic.

nurse jan promises that they won’t stick that way.

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