the d70 rocketh

well it didn’t take me long to decide to get the the nikon d70. as scoble notes, it really is a “sweet camera”. given it’s price, i won’t be getting a birthday or christmas present until i’m 40, but i think the camera will be well worth it.

the d70 body is a little bulkier and feels just a bit “cheaper” than my n50 body, but after a few minutes the difference is hardly noticeable. it only took minutes to slap on my 70-300mm lens and start snapping pictures. it was raining at the time and the light was bad so i was reduced to seeing what i could do with a city refuse sticker that was sitting on kris’ desk. i’m trying to get back into the habit of taking the camera around and looking at things as if i were peering at it through a viewfinder.

i think i’ll probably rely on iphoto for image management and the gimp for basic image manipulation. it might be time to look into different gallery applications, although ids has served me well of the years and i generally fall into the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” camp.

update: well, it didn’t take me long to discover the first “gotcha”. if i want to shoot in nikon’s RAW format, then i’m forced to purchase nikon’s image editor, to the tune of $150, as iphoto can’t directly deal with raw files. i’m not sure if the gimp has a plugin for editing nikon’s raw format or not. hi. ho.

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