• Post to MovableType from Jabber

    [ “When I told Mena about this last night, she said “where’s
    the code?”.” ]

  • Using
    Perl code from PHP


    [ “The PHP Perl extension was implemented to allow the usage of
    Perl code from within PHP. It is a wrapper that embeds the Perl
    interpreter and converts data from PHP to Perl and back.”

  • The semantic engineer



    [ “He doesn’t think a thermostat is conscious. But he thinks
    its behaviour embodies assumptions about the world, and these
    can’t be distinguished, in their effects on the world, from
    beliefs…” ]

  • Let them eat HIV

    [ “It’s important for porn to be legal. The government has no
    business outlawing sex or sexual fantasy. But this principle is
    not so sacred that we need to allow an industry to exploit and
    endanger its workers. There’s no fundamental right to express
    HIV. There’s no right to pay someone to play Russian roulette
    for your entertainment.” ]

  • Book Review: Against All Enemies

    [ “To a great extent, the book is a chronicle of failure –
    failure at the White House, failure at the CIA, failure at the
    FBI, failure everywhere. Clarke is quite clear about this, and
    his willingness to admit where he failed adds punch to his
    criticism of other people – people who, to a large extent, have
    still not admitted their failure.” ]

  • State of the Computer Book Market

    [ “Another point that I want to bring to your attention is that
    book sales tell a very different story about technology
    adoption than do many other statistics.” ]

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