• marketers
    press for product placement in magazine text

    [ “”The only way we’re going to be more successful is to get
    even more creative and try to find ways to address this
    church-and-state” issue of editorial vs. advertising in
    magazines, said Matthew Spahn, director of media planning at
    Sears, Roebuck & Co.” ]

  • maciej
    ceglowski on the pc forum

    [ “Strutting around like those long-legged birds that
    fearlessly pick insects off the heads of large predators were
    the countless publicists, most of them frighteningly
    well-dressed women in tight black pants.” ]

  • Another view on Entrepreneurial Myths

  • Reality’s Apprentice

    [ “On screen, the team leaders stood outside our stoop and
    negotiated for the apartment above us. Off screen, we knew a
    few things they didn’t. A month before, for instance, the
    previous occupant and my upstairs neighbor had jumped out the
    window.” ]

  • Girl
    chimps learn faster than boys

    [ “Daughters pick up their mother’s skills, while sons play
    rough and tumble. ” ]

  • Pfizer Offers Free Viagra to Loyal Users

    [ “After six Viagra prescriptions are filled, the seventh will
    be free, Pfizer told the Journal.” ]

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