• Google’s Gmail as a Rich Internet Application (RIA)

    olivier travers

    [ “Unix-style RIA: Gmail is a great example of this. It’s
    essentially text-only, with keyboard equivalents. It’s
    reminiscent of Pine or vi, particularly with regard to how
    keyboard shortcuts work. The emphasis is on speed, not
    friendliness — it’s best for geeks and most likely designed by
    geeks (and I mean that in a nice way).” ]

  • Maxing out at mini?

    [ “…Jupiter Research has a new report out saying that MP3
    players with 4GB of storage space is more than enough for most
    people since 90% of consumers don’t have more than a thousand
    MP3s…” ]

  • people who RSS this feed this also feed…

    [ “Interesting observation I made while tooling around
    Bloglines. In my bloglines subscriptions, which you can see on
    the blogroll on the left, I can click on the feed and see who
    is subscribing to the feed by clicking on a neat little link
    they have titled “subscribers”.” ]

  • it’s
    morbus’ world

    [ “Allow me, if I may, to go on a short ego trip:” ]

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