pregnancy update: the first sonogram!

after meeting the midwife last week, we went to the “real doctor” today so kris could get a normal prenatal blood panel. much to our surprise, the “ob” asked if we wanted to do a quick sonogram to double check how far along things were.

it’s a little hard to make out the details but you can see a the back of the head on the lower left and the little baby butt on the upper right. if you squint you supposedly can see little proto-feet above the ‘x’ on that’s marking the butt. the “ob” measured the head-to-butt length and then the machine made a quick-and-dirty calculation of the baby’s age which you can see at the bottom of the picture – 10 weeks 5 days, give or take a few days. during the procedure we could see heart beating and the baby was moving around quite a bit, which the doctor said was a sign that the baby was quite happy.

kris isn’t showing any outward signs of being pregnant, so it was fun and awe-inspiring to get our first concrete glimpse at the little being growing in her body.

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