on being a groove missionary who almost lost the faith

over the years, i’ve done more than fair share of what i’d call
“missionary” work for
groove – that great and useful collaboration client that nobody has used. in

was my first real world introduction into just how difficult it can
be to get groups of people to change their behaviors. i tried all
sorts of tactics to try to get dozens of people to get the religion
and exactly one person ever went so far as to download the software
and use it on a regular basis. over time we stopped using it for
collaborating on small projects and we now mostly use it when we
want secure instant messaging that can’t be viewed by The Man [ you
know what i mean ].

so it’s with this background context that i look longingly at their

v3 beta program

. it’s getting



and it sounds like they’ve made it even easier to work it into your
coworkers workflows. as always,

waxes eloquently

on decentralization and dancing with redmond.

too bad there’s not a native os x version. i haven’t tried to run


virtual pc

, but i can’t imagine that it’s pretty. anyway, maybe i’ll take a
peak at the new beta and put on my missionary cloak.

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