from the "i’m sure it’s nothing department"

not really revealed in the previous post on “our first sonogram” is the fact that we were both a little concerned about the biological effects of unnecessary sonograms. kris was a litte more jittery than myself, but the the american institute of ultrasound in medicine isn’t making the situation any better:

“With regard to ultrasound scanning during pregnancy, the FDA states that “ultrasonic fetal scanning is generally considered safe and is properly used when medical information on a pregnancy is needed. But ultrasound energy delivered to the fetus cannot be regarded as completely innocuous. Laboratory studies have shown that diagnostic levels of ultrasound can produce physical effects in tissue, such as mechanical vibrations and rise in temperature. Although there is no evidence that these physical effects can harm the fetus, public health experts, clinicians, and industry agree that casual exposure to ultrasound, especially during pregnancy, should be avoided. Viewed in this light, exposing the fetus to ultrasound with no anticipation of medical benefit is not justified.”

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