help with content:encoded and rss 1.0

so i decided that i was going to do a simple task that i should
have done a long time ago – produce non-truncated versions of my
syndication feeds without the html tags stripped. the feeds are all
truncated at 500 characters and have the html removed because way
back in the day, that’s what the
spec said was
the Right Thing to Do

with the ‘description’ element.

in response to the restrictiveness of the traditional ‘description’
aaron swartz



which was

generally regarded

as the Right Thing to Do with html-laden content. naturally, it
took me two years to get around to playing the with “new” element.

after remembering how to get

to import the content module, i’m off to the races and producing
what looks to my naive eye to be a
valid feed with
content:encoded elements

, but alas, it’s

not valid

. i’m getting a “Undefined content_encoded element: p” error from
the validator and

won’t render the element at all, even though i’m fairly certain
that it can handle content:encoded. so what gives? it anyone has
any idea what dopey thing i’m going feel free to
give me an earful

. and before you ask, i’m pretty sure that doesn’t have to do with
the css class in th html, although i should just strip that out
because it’s useless legacy artifact.

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