well, alrighty then. i’m back after a brief hiatus due to moving. the move was not without its pains, primarily due to the sheer incompetance of

. i don’t really have the energy to describe the depths of transportation logistics hell that i was forced to endure, but rest assured that i won’t be using uhaul anymore in the future and i wouldn’t recommend that you do either, unless you have the luxury of gambling on whether or not they’ll actually have the right equipment at the right time. hi. ho.

i guess i’ll link to one april fools satire, because it’s well done and likely to get a cease-and-desist soon –
MTV Gets Burning with the Man


“Is the world ready for a mud-covered Carson Daly introducing the newest Blink 182 video?

Executives at MTV seem to think so. Today they announced an exclusive five-year broadcasting and merchandising deal with Burning Man LLC, the organization responsible for the wild annual festival of the same name.”

i was almost fooled, until i noticed the


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