me thinks that

is on to something with his
80% company


” That particular company went bankrupt; the frenetic activity of the years has produced about a dozen lasting companies and a generation of burned-out cynics. They will never again believe that a business can be built on enthusiasm – and venture capital – alone.

And this is why I intend my next company to be different. No more late nights. No more monomaniac workaholics. Less heat, more light. If I keep my nerve, I’m going to institute a four-day week as the norm. Call it the 80% company.”

i never would have guessed there was a google directory dedicated to
workweek reduction resources

complete with a link to the
shorter work time action page

from the monty python-esque “society for the reduction of human labor”. maybe i should start a midwest chapter of the society, if for no other reason than i like how it trips of the tongue.

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