alan reiter comes through with another superb example the “strong blog voice”:

“I don’t know whether the PR people who write press releases like this and the executives who approve these releases are clueless, amoral or both. Do they not know the difference between right and wrong or are their I.Q.s merely a couple of standard deviations to the left of the center of the bell shaped curve?

Don’t these dolts ever learn? It’s not enough that the wireless industry screwed itself and its customers by lying and misleading to the public about the speeds, capabilities and value of WAP. Now, they want to muck up PR and marketing for 2.5G networks.”

yeah, yeah. i know. you read the manifesto and you think i’m stating the obvious with “strong blog voice” posts. maybe i’m just having an out-of-blog experience and becoming hyperaware of just how much i take it for granted.

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