Superbowl PDFA Ads:

“From running shoes to agribusiness, from automobiles to energy, one way or another, some of our money will eventually support bad people and bad policies . Significant amounts of money contributed by every law-abiding, tax-paying citizen of the U.S. go to support all manner of questionable regimes. We insulate ourselves from some of these bitter notions with convenient justifications. “If we don’t defoliate their country and destroy their crops, I won’t be able to prevent my kid from using drugs.” “Yes, this company abuses their seed and water monopolies in regions of famine and scarce resources, but golly wouldja look at the size of this tomato?” “Yes, the money for my gasoline goes to fund monarchies with dismal human rights records, who in turn foment just the sort of anti-American fervor that leads to flight school — but hey, it’s cheap and my Esplanade is thirsty.” The drug user is merely one among many uninformed contributors.”

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