o.k. i take it back. the message i got yesterday about evergreen wasn’t odd at all. not compared to the email that i got today:

“Did you see Betty Cutter on 48 hours the other night? Wasn’t she your professor at Evergreen. I know Shoshanah worked with her too. They had some story about the guy that they called the Hollywood Bank Robber. Do you remember him. It turns out that he was a Greener many years ago. He used to make crystal meth in the chemistry labs at Evergreen before he turned to bank robbery. He was living in a tree house in Olympia the whole time we were there. It’s nice to see Greeners making the news. He’s dead by the way. I think the cops shot him. Anyway, I just thought you should know.”

wow. high wierdness. i knew a guy who lived in a teepee, but i don’t recall meeting “hollywood” who apparently lived in a tree house.

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