in case you haven’t heard –
rob flickenger


“building communiy wireless networks”

fame was
recently hospitalized

for serious injuries inflicted from a fall from a roof while installing an antenna. i really, truly wish rob a speedy recovery.

speaking of rob, i ran across

recently and wondered if they were using

as a foundation. well, it turns out –
they are

and it sounds like they’ve made some nice enhancements:

“Yep, our new company, Sputnik, has created an all-in-one Smart AP (uses the HostAP drivers for Linux), router, dynamic firewall (iptables-based) with bandwidth shaping, and a modified NoCatAuth captive portal that authenticates with our backend authentication, settlement and billing systems. It doesn’t currently authenticate against RADIUS, Active Directory, or NDS just yet, these are some additional features that we’re building into the backend as we speak.”

“Oh, and by the way, all of the gateway code is open source, including the changes and improvements we made to NoCatAuth (well _duh_, it’s GPL’d code).”

nice sounding stuff. dave sifry and other linuxcare co-founders are behind the recently launched company.

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