i haven’t made up my mind about the proposed fees for webcasts. while it’s certainly not good news for businesses like live365, it’s not completely devastating for “microbroadcasters”. if i pull out my trusty calculator, i can see that if you’re a “pop” microbroadcaster you’ll play around 14 songs an hour. according to the “per use” fee structure for commercial webcasters, this translates to around 2 cents per hour per listener and for a non-commercial webcaster you’ll have to anty up 7 tenths of a cent per hour per listener. even if you assume that most microbroadcasters are somehow deemed to fit into the “commercial” category and can somehow muster a thousand listeners per broadcast, then you’re talking $20 per hour, which is not nothing, but isn’t a deal killer either – if you’re running a weekly show. then again, if you get more than a thousand listeners and you want to run a nightly show then the costs begin to skyrocket. hmmm. i guess i’ll have to let the dust settle a bit before i commence with a nightly webcast.

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