on monday, january 14th at 3:56a.m. eastern standard time, i witnessed a miracle. my sister-in-law and her partner were kind enough to invite me and my wife to participate in the home-birth of their baby girl, ruby scott griffin salmi. it was truly an amazing, awe-inspiring, beyond words experience.

somewhat to my surprise, i discovered that it took about 5 minutes to get past the obvious, superficial aspects of watching a nude woman going through what is typically considered an intensely personal exerience. any uncomfortable feelings soon gave way to very natural emotions of family, bonding and community that i haven’t felt in some time. i’m tremendously grateful for gina and diane for being gracious enough to make us part of the birth of their daughter.

experiencing a birth is really, truly beyond words and is something that can instantly alter your perspective on what is important in the world. amazing.

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