mozilla blogger tool looks interesting. i
installed the widget, but i can’t figure out how to configure it. hi. ho.

as excuse to get my hands around
xul, i’ve been working on a similar idea for awhile. i even got motivated enough to built a notepad application based on a tutorial from
xulplanet, which doesn’t appear to be online at the moment. using
xul overlays provides a pretty powerful mechanism for ‘ui reuse’ – it’s feasable to appropriate big chunks of the wysisyg composer that comes with mozilla. as with a bunch of my grand plans, it started to languish when i started having problems getting the xml-rpc interface to work correctly.

at some point i’ll post a boatload of relevant links, but
essential xul programming is a good place to start:

” A revolutionary new technology for the rapidly expanding world of e-commerce, XUL (XML User Interface Language) is an XML-based user interface language that gives Web developers control over all aspects of the Web interface. Featuring two tutorials on programming with XUL, this book shows developers how to use basic XUL elements to build a sample interface for an e-commerce site, then goes on to explore more sophisticated applications by creating an information portal inside an application. Readers will find expert tips and advice on how to get started writing XUL code as well as how to extend it into Java and other non-Netscape interfaces.”

mozilla blog via dave via matthew thomas


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