perception and self perception. yesterday i went to the eye doctor and found out that, while i’m not going blind, my eyesite has taken a turn for the worse. and not just a little turn for the worse. the optometrist was kind enough to point out that, in the year-and-a-half since my last eye examine, my eyesite has degraded to the point that i would no longer be able to pass the illinois driver’s exam. with my contacts in place. and if that weren’t enough positive news, he also pointed out, in an oddly cheerful tone that my right eye, “…seems to have a little trouble focusing.” jeez louis.

in not-so-related new – via
nick denton

i discovered the online polical test
political compass

and discovered that, while i might perceive myself to be a centrist with mild liberal leanings, that i’m actually a rather strong liberal-libertarian [ -5.63 liberal/ -6.26 libertarian]. and that’s after self-moderating a few of my answers. i’m honestly surprised by the results. i guess it might go a long ways towards explaining why i’m the odd man out during family holiday dinner discussions.

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