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wow. Life begins at 100 Mbps! is an amazing bit of analysis which demonstrates that the former cto of british telecom is a smarty. if you’d like an inside peak into how the broadband situation got to such a sorry state then read the whole thing. twice. it also points towards a vision of a […]

i’m not sure exactly what it means, but it sounds like as good a resolution as any. maybe it’d be easier than quitting all those other bad habits that i’ve accumulated over the years.

while a few of of the photos are taken by people who went to the steven spielberg school of emotional manipulation, many of the shots from msnbc year in pictures are extraordinary.

it might just be me but it seems that the holidays put a much bigger damper on the blogging activity this year. i guess everyone’s out enjoying friends and family. bah! well, at least glenn fleishman has a few interesting things to say about how networks mature: “I believe my reports have been mistaken for […]

while we haven’t seen nearly as much snow as buffalo , western michigan is still getting a good amount of accumulation thanks to the lake effect – over thirty inches have fallen since sunday with more expected through new years’ day.

whoa. time is flying by. i hope everyone had a happy x.mas, if you’re into that type of thing. you can all rest assured that the universe is continuing to engage in shenanigans at my expense. on christmas day, while happily enjoying a fine ritz cracker, i cracked a filling in a molar and lost […]

i usually downplay the fact that the literal translation in inuit of my last name, snowdeal, is “one who deals or makes snow”. simply put, this means i can control the moisture content in the air. of course, in the winter this translates into the ability to “call forth” snow. i don’t talk about it […]

cory doctorow makes some optimistic predictions in 2002: The Carpetbaggers Go Home : ” The next generation of Internet entrepreneurs will be people who understand this. They’ll be working to provide unreliable services that work in concert with other unreliable services to provide a service that works on average, but not predictably at any given […]

Working Without Copyleft: “It’s possible to be an ardent supporter of open source development and not be a fan of copyleft and the General Public License. In this article the authors — software developers — relate how they came to embrace copyleft, became disillusioned with its limitations, and consequently turned away from it.”

as if any of my family needed further proof that i’m a superdork. i’m in grand rapids, michigan visiting relatives for the holidays and this year i thought i’d do something special for myself. yes, that’s right – i brought along my 802.11 access point, so that this year i can enjoy the in-laws’ big […]

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