cam posted some great information on personal knowledge management which i’m going to pitch into my personal knowledge manager.

Personal Knowledge Management : Who, What, Why, When, Where, How?

“Our students, who will spend most of their working lives in the 21st century, will need to see the computer and related technologies as an extension of themselves, as a tool as important as the pencil or quill pen was for the last several hundred years. Fifteen years ago, few people knew what a personal computer was. Now personal computers are ubiquitous. With the proliferation of personal computers and linked computer networks, there has been an increase in the amount of information produced, as well as new avenues of finding the information. Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) attempts to utilize the computer to help the individual manage the information explosion in a meaningful way.”

What is PKM?

“Personal Knowledge Management should be viewed as a set a problem-solving skills that have both a logical or conceptual as well as physical or hands-on component. These are skills that will be required for successful knowledge work in the twenty-first century. These skills should be interwoven into programs of university general education and into academic major programs; both general purpose (such as MS Office) and more specialized (such as disciplinary) tools can facilitate the practice of Personal Knowledge Management. Teaching PKM entails teaching both intelligent practices that guide the use of tools as well as intelligent and efficient use of the tools themselves.

The seven PKM skills are: (1) retrieving information; (2) evaluating/assessing information; (3) organizing information; (4) analyzing information; (5) presenting information; (6) securing information; and (7) collaborating around information.”

What is MindModel?

“MindModel is PC software that lets you collect and view any information in new and powerful ways.

Not only can you see the facts, you can also discover relationships among them.

Friends, co-workers, skills, likes and dislikes, work history, sports, activities, web sites…

MindModel brings it all together.”


“The personal knowledge management process must be seen as part and parcel of the research process, for example academic research (for an example see the “Research Methods Knowledge Base “) or intelligence research. Information in all of its formats (data, facts, information, knowledge etc) can be seen as both the raw material and main product of research.”

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