it’s all morbus all the time. well, not quite, but i did want to post a superb rant that he posted awhile back that’s just been collecting dust in my bookmarks – XML-RPC and the Need to Cash In:

“One of my problem is this (and I know this is an age-old complaint that has not aged well): All of these technologies are for geeks. Geeks, geeks, geeks. Repeat ad infinitum. Sharpie “I AM NOT A REAL PERSON” on the top frame of your computer monitor. It’s important. Mayer-Briggs says we think we’re smarter than everyone else, and goddamit, we’re proving the damn pigeon-hole test right.”

Where are the end users? How can my dog get in on this crap?”

as he mentions, it’s an age-old complaint, but one that’s worth repeating ad infinitum.

coincidently, morbus sent me a link today that i thought i’d pass on regarding Search Engine Friendly SSI Image Gallery that looks like it’s on par, effort wise, with mod_rewrite schemes for producing url-rewrites.

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