nope. there’s no doubt about it. nobody is going to mistake me for the athletic type. i used to be more active. camping, hiking, and canoeing were all pursuits that i pursued with some regularity. but times have changed. the canoe sits hanging in garage. moving to the midwest doesn’t exactly provide one with the types of hikes as the northwest or the northeast. spare time is squandered on house projects and other hobbies. and that’s how the sedentary lifestyle begins to take its toll.

but this weekend, kris and i bought bicycles. nothing fancy. just some low-end trek hybrids. we’ve been going for rides and it’s big fun. you won’t see me entering into any long-distance events any time soon, but it feels superfine after a long day at work to jump on the bike and work through all the daily stresses and strains. the odd thing is that i really can’t believe it didn’t occur to us to get bikes sooner. so, if you notice fewer posts as summer stretches into fall, you can be happy knowing it’s because i’m out getting a little fresh air.

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