it’s not really the kind of thing i expected to find on blogdex, but maybe the description of heinz’s new ketchup does indeed deserve further propagation:

“Heinz EZ Squirt Funky Purple will begin appearing on grocery shelves in early September, the company said Tuesday. It follows Heinz’s launch of a Blastin’ Green version of the popular condiment nearly a year ago. More than 10 million bottles of the green ketchup were sold in the first seven months, Heinz said.”

“”The tremendous success of Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin’ Green showed us that kids love decorating their food with colors that are bright, wild, even a little…funky,” said Casey Keller, head of Heinz’s condiments business, in a statement.”

one can only imagine the pain casey keller must have felt when forced to say, “Heinz EZ Squirt Blastin’ Green.”

[post script: on a hunch, i just checked metafilter and it would appear that blogdex, with all its media lab badassedness, is merely a rubegoldbergian mechanism for syndication of mefi posts.]

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