do you wait in anticipation for the next issue of d-lib magazine?

do you wax philosophical about xml and semantic transparency?

if i say ontology – do you fire back, “specification of a conceptualization! sir!” ?

do you put the “antic” in semantic web?

if you do this and much more, then maybe you’re interested in Professional XML Meta Data, which i just stumbled upon at my local bookstore:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Why Meta Data? Why XML?
Chapter 2 XML Schemas
Chapter 3 XML Linking and Querying

Chapter 4 RDF Model and Syntax
Chapter 5 RDF Schema
Chapter 6 Parsing RDF
Chapter 7 Topic Maps and XTM
Chapter 8 Meaning Definition Language
Chapter 9 Meta Data Architectures
Chapter 10 Processing Techniques for Meta Data
Chapter 11 Further Topic Map/RDF Developments
Chapter 12 Exposing Relational Databases
Chapter 13 Data Validation and Mining with Schematron
Chapter 14 Process Descriptions
Chapter 15 Inferencing Systems
Chapter 16 Advanced Meta Data Use Cases
Appendix A Glossary
Appendix B Useful Resources

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