the blogger api has some new methods:

“blogger.newPost: Makes a new post to a designated blog. Optionally, will publish the blog after making the post.

blogger.editPost: Edits a given post. Optionally, will publish the blog after making the edit.

blogger.getUsersBlogs: Returns information on all the blogs a given user is a member of.

blogger.getTemplate: Returns the main or archive index template of a given blog.

blogger.setTemplate: Edits the main or archive index template of a given blog.”

i do believe dave is correct:

” We work with competitors to empower users and other developers, and make it easy for users who want to, to become developers. That’s the philosophy of the Internet, and it’s always been the philosophy of serious developers, even those who work at BigCo’s. Sometimes leadership makes us take the low road, through patents or other lock-in strategies, but imho that’s when they are leading through fear, not power. It’s always right to be compatible, and it’s even better to plan for it, to design for it, commit to it.”

“So thank you to Blogger for having the courage to be one of the first to open its Web app to scripting through open interfaces. A bright future awaits us. I’m sure of it.”

and aaron provides the proof with a nearly instantaneous update to

“A quick and dirty implementation of the Blogger API.

The external interfaces should not change, but if you shouldn’t be relying on the stuff in the black box. I am adding methods as they are published to the Blogger API. Once it reaches a stage that approximates finality, I will sit down and give some proper thought as to how the code should be handled internally.

For example, it would be nice to have the main blogger object spawn “post” objects, complete with their own methods, but it’s still a bit soon to be worrying about that sort of thing.

Comments, suggestions and bug fixes are welcome.”

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