amy wohl has written an interesting piece on blogging and knowledge management:

“One of the tough tasks in KM is getting expertise located in an organization (that is, figuring out who has it on a subject by subject basis). Tougher still is validating its credibility with other members of the organization. Toughest of all is getting the experts to agree to share their expertise with others, except as part of their regular job. Employees who have spent a career lifetime enhancing their value because they “know” something others don’t are logically reluctant to give away their valuable expertise and, in that process, loose some or all of their value.”

“But what if the two – blogging and KM – got together? That is, what if we took the technology that allows Bloggers to quickly annotate their journeys through the web with information about the whys and wherefores with a KM system that allowed their organizational colleagues to use the weblogs as a source of expertise?”

interesting thought, expecially in light of the release of the blogger api [not to discount the applicability of manila or greymatter, of course].

the irony is that i think i have posted another article on blogging and lightweight knowledge management, but i can’t seem to find it in the archives.

[ update thanks to mike from larkfarm for pointing out that the article i couldn’t find was grassroots km through blogging, which i had, in fact, posted previously but couldn’t find – now that’s distributed knowledge management in action. ]

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