if there only were a little more time in the day. opencola has posted a swarmcast developer guide:

This document details the Swarmcast Core Library external API through which
Swarmcast resource transfers can be initiated and monitored. This is a Java
API and is thus intended to be called from Java applications. Those wishing
to control Swarmcast transfers from non-Java code will either need to use the
Java Invocation API, develop CORBA (or similar) wrappers, or communicate with
a Swarmcast node through the XML messaging language none of which are covered
here. After reading this document a developer should be able to:

  1. Bring a Swarmcast node into existence.
  2. Cause a node to join an existing mesh.
  3. Begin a new mesh around a node.
  4. Download the resource made available by a mesh.

[ via hack the planet ]

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