nothing special, just the family cove!

perhaps you’ve quietly snickered to yourself while thinking, “snowdeal?! what kind of word is that?”

weeeeelll, mr. smarty pants, i’ll bet you don’t have a cove named after you. and on the craggy coast of south thomaston maine. so beat that.

i didn’t know the family had a cove. i don’t know the family history very well, but i do know there’s a few of us in that area of maine. i’m from the jonesboro maine snowdeals. we didn’t get a cove, but we did see fit to name a street “snowdeal lane”. so i guess there’s a pattern. my ancestors claimed coves and streets, while i stake out virtual spaces.

and no, i don’t really know where the family name came from. i think the going theory is that it’s a derivative of the germanic Schnaudiehl, which reminds me of something that might be breaded, deap fried and served with several pints of ale.

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