looks like now is as good a time as any to dump a bunch of links to several interesting tools that i’ve stumbled upon recently.

someday soon atomz will for pay to play and when it does it’s always nice to know that aspseek is around. i haven’t played around with it, but the folks behind the new jabbersearch service gave it a thumbs up.

want a lightweight rss aggregator for your desktop and don’t want to fuss around with radio userland or meerkat – then you can be glad there’s amphetadesk. no fuss. no muss. and in seconds you’ll have thousands of newsheadlines at your fingertips.

i’m not sure how well zKnowMan works, but it sounds like it deserves some playing around with

“Most web pages are just pieces of the puzzle. Without the “Big Picture”, it is hard to find the right piece at the right time. zKnowMan captures the temporal relationship between web pages surfed. Using user feedback and sophisticated algorithms, zKnowMan can analyze which documents are closer to what the user wants to find. zKnowMan also provides sophisticated analysis using Knowledge Management techniques such as standard taxonomies based on XML, such as OASIS.”

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