sing along while i whistle a few bars of the times they are a-changin:

“Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown”

phillg has left arsDigita.

while my first experience with phillg was via philip and alex’s guide to web publishing, i soon got hooked on his voice, as joel would say:

“It had a personal voice. When you went to the home page, there was a happy little note about the new offices or the latest course offerings; the style was not boring corporate/marcomm happy-talk, it was Phil telling you that if you’re poor, there are some free services, but if you’re rich, head on over here and we’ll build you a nice service of your own, but bring a lot of money please…”

hi. ho. at least his new stuff sounds interesting:

“Coincidentally, just as I started to think about this stuff, Orange/France Telecom was looking for someone to build a new research laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I’m just starting to define the research program and hire some people and explore the possibilities for joint work with researchers here in Europe (France Telecom R&D has 3000 engineers and scientists), with groups at MIT (e.g., Project Oxygen), and with other corporate labs (Intel, Microsoft Research).

I’m still interested in Web stuff. I’ve been thinking recently about methods for collaborative development of and quantitive measurement of information architectures. I’ve revamped my one-day “why” course and will give it in Cambridge on February 20. Any system that has a WAP or VoiceXML front end will also presumably need a Web interface as well. I still supervise MIT graduate students who wish to do theses in the Web area.”

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