since raytheon has been hurting due to cutbacks in its defense contracting business, we’re now lucky beneficiaries of all that spook work coming into the light of day – enter silent runner, which has got some serious sniffing capabilities:

“”On an individual user, we can see what you’re e-mailing, where you are surfing, if you send anything to be printed, collaborate with anyone on a Word document, access or change the database — basically everything you’re doing on the network,” she said.

Although the program gives broad access, lab analysts are careful to only scrutinize information pertinent to the case at hand, she said.

SilentRunner’s “collector” recognizes over 1,400 different protocols. It can detect and analyze Web pages, e-mail, digital video and sound files, spreadsheets, word documents, FTP, instant messages, passwords — you name it.”

i’d rant about the privacy implications, but it’s much too obvious. any company that is stupid enough to turn this technology against its employees will hopefully get the type of employees they deserve.

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