mauja and his pal harper

it’s that time of year again.

it’s getting close to spring and our malamute, mauja, knows it.

let’s get one thing straight.

there’s a good reason why people don’t say that malamutes “shed”. ohhhh nooooo – the proper terminology would be “blowing the coat”. and that should pretty much conjur up an image that’s close the snowstorm of hair that occurs twice a year with malamutes.

just to be really clear – there is no hyperbole in the appropriately titled Do you really want a malamute?

“The amount of hair lost in a few weeks is staggering and can fill several garbage bags. In a full “blow” the undercoat may actually come out in many large clumps of hair.”

yes, it says garbage cans. plural. and i’m not really sure that “clumps” really adequately describes how the whole process proceeds. clumps sounds, well, clumpy. it’s not clumpy. it blows. somehow, it would appear that evolution has provided malamutes with a mechanism for exploding hair. everywhere. and continuously. trust me. i have experience in these matters.

it’s that time of year again.

the time of year where if you drive by our house, you might be able to catch my wife and i attemping to convince our ever-so-independent [sic] mauja that spending some quality time with an obscenely large shedding blade really isn’t such a bad idea.

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