hmmmm. i know i’m not a .com or a .net, but i wonder what the heck this really means for snowdeal.ORG:

“The .org Registry Agreement would adopt the form of the registry agreements that will be entered into by the new global TLD registry operators. The term of the .org Registry Agreement would be shortened by almost one year to 31 December 2002, at which time VeriSign would permanently relinquish its right to operate the .org registry, and an appropriate sponsoring organization representing non-commercial organizations would be sought (through some procedure yet to be determined) to assume the
operation of the registry. In addition, VeriSign would establish an endowment of $5 million for the purpose of funding the reasonable operating expenses of a global registry for the specific use of non-profit organizations, and would make global resolution resources available to the operator of the .org registry for no charge for one year and on terms to be determined thereafter, for so long as it operates the .com registry. The net result of this would be a .org registry returned, after some appropriate transition
period, to its originally intended function as a registry operated by and for non-profit organizations.”

it would seem that i would fit the bill for a “not-profit” organization, although i’m not technically a “not-for-profit” organization in the legal sense of the term. hi. ho.

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