hmmm. i’m so close to wanting to move my layout to something more, um, “next-generation” [ c’mon, i use the a new browser and maybe you should too]. but beyond my general laziness with regards to recoding the site, and my general lack of any desire to force visiters to upgrade [ although you really, really might want to think about it ], there’s always the fact that the holy grail hasn’t been found :

“…all the CSS solutions i’ve seen so far have this problem, unless they’re designed very carefully so that a) nothing can overlap, or b) if something does overlap, it doesn’t wreck the layout. blue robot is an example of this approach (sidenote: and the design is gorgeous). but this puts some serious limits on the kinds of layouts you can achieve.

we’re always open to discussion about this; feel free to use the comment feature or send us email with the contact form. and we’re certainly not opposed to the concept of using pure CSS for layout. but a cost/benefit analysis of the table/div equation still comes out in favor of tables, for real-world implementations.”

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