a couple of links for the annotated bookmark bin.

Improve your XSLT coding five ways

“Whether you’re a beginner with XSLT or a seasoned programmer, you’ll surely find that these five tips from Benoît Marchal will improve your coding and give you new ideas. The handful of tips cover using CSS with XSL style sheets (including HTML entities), incorporating client-side JavaScript, working with multiple input documents, and using XSLT to generate style sheets automatically. The article includes sample code to adapt and reuse.”

VoiceXML and the Voice-Driven Internet

“In this article, I’ll discuss the concept of voice portals and the associated architecture. I’ll then show how
simple design patterns — together with XML and XSL — can be used to deliver Internet content and
services cost effectively not only to web browsers and various wireless devices, but also to any telephone via VoiceXML (for more information on the VoiceXML Standard, see http://www.voicexml.org/). I’ll then present an implementation of this architecture that uses software that is freely available on the Internet. Finally, I’ll examine key business and technical issues associated with voice-driven applications.”

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