last night, after many hours of positive reinforcement from mozilla 0.8, i was ready to post some exuberant commentary on how everyone should join the crusade and upgrade.

but then i couldn’t post with blogger. o.k. i could post, but i didn’t want to because of a ‘cut-and-paste’ regression bug. as anyone with a blog knows – there’s lots of cutting and pasting. fine. then i try to be a good citizen and look through bugzilla and it wasn’t working properly either. i wish i had a screenshot, because now – just this minute – bugzilla started working properly with mozilla 0.8.

in any case, it’s back to the nightlies. the 0.8 branch is good. better. it didn’t crash once yesterday after beating on it for quit some time. it’s fast. er. faster. o.k. – it’s at least as fast as the 4.x netscape browsers. maybe even a bit faster [i’m talking total speed experience, including ‘new window spawning’ and ‘menu rendering’ – not just html rendering]. the promise is there. i see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s not complete and i guess that’s why it’s 0.8.

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