write the web rightly wonders where are the blogger clones?

“Blogger has a loyal following, demonstrated clearly by the enthusiastic response to its plea for contributions to pay for a new server.

But a long time ago, Mosaic was the only cool browser to use, and then came the browser wars.

A year from now, could we be seeing the Blogger wars, as a gaggle of newer (but not necessarily better) content management / web publishing services come along to grab their share?”

i like blogger, but it has been a mystery to me as to why there aren’t more viable competitors. why doesn’t yahoo buy them? and is there any real first mover advantage, other than the fact that there is no clean interoperability between blogger and would-be competing systems:

“I think that the single aspect of Blogger that prevents a large number of clones is the lack of simple import/export functionality which could be utilised by other applications.

A competing webapp, to compete on features, would have to provide detailed instructions to help novice users get their data from Blogger in a machine-readable format. It’s currently not worth it, and there’s little if no incentive for the Pyra guys to provide a one-click export process.”

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