sweet jesus! this poll, which attempts to gauge americans’ general knowledge levels, is a little old – and i know you can get polls to say whatever you want them to say – but i still think it explains alot :

“When Americans are asked to identify the country from which America gained its independence, 76% correctly name Great Britain. A handful, 2%, think America’s freedom was won from France, 3% mention some other country (including Russia, China, and Mexico, among others named), while 19% are unsure. ”

“Probing a more universal measure of knowledge, Gallup also asked the following basic science question, which has been used to indicate the level of public knowledge in two European countries in recent years: “As far as you know, does the earth revolve around the sun or does the sun revolve around the earth?” In the new poll, about four out of five Americans (79%) correctly respond that the earth revolves around the sun, while 18% say it is the other way around.”

i now no longer have to wonder why certain people win political races.

we get the politicians we deserve.

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