i suppose the cynical could have a field day with this perspective from viewfromtheheart on the blogger server fund, but that would be missing the point:

“Blogger has helped get a lot of nice folks onto the web. It’s made it easy, up until recently, for folks to get weblogs up and running in a hurry. So what do you owe them? Contractually, nothing. They made no demands of you, and now you can pack up your content and march on down the road to another ‘blog services provider. But I think that when somebody does you a good turn, the least you can do is think about what you can do to return the favor. Whether it is just be compassionatly quiet and listen, or try
to help solve the problem, there is usually some way to help.

And what will you get for your help? No, no stock options or IPO’s; no job offers or discounts. Just the knowledge that you were part of the dream. Part of the team. Part of a community.”

[via genehack]

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