i actually downloaded facemail just to see how creepy it would be to have an ‘avatar’ read my mail:

“While it’s of dubious value for daily use, Facemail can be a lot of fun. I wrote a facemail in which I had a character wink every few words and stutter. “I I 😉 I I I feel buh buh bugs crawling 🙁 under my skin. :-(” I wrote. The face stuttered, twitched, made strange faces, and looked deeply disturbed. I sent it to a friend who sent me back his own crazy Facemail. It was pretty cool.”

unfortunately, the novelty wore off before i ever hit the ‘install’ button because i couldn’t think of anyone else who would go through the effort to download and install the software. sending myself creepy messages just didn’t seem like as much fun.

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