blogger is a little peppier now. i wonder if that means that people are so pissed that they’re abandoning it in droves.

anyway – since it’s not so pokey, i might as well take this time to post a link on the rational unified process and “user experience”:

“As market demands get greater, traditional software engineering is marching full force into the web world. Out go the scripting hackers and in move the systems architects armed with J2EE specification and CORBA components and distributed transaction monitors and with all of that their software lifecycle methods such as Rational Unified Process. RUP is held up by many to be the silver bullet for object oriented success. Rational are pushing their business into the “.com” enterprise. However, several
authors have expressed concern about the effect that RUP might have on the User Experience. Here is some of the latest analysis… ”

maybe i should take this to work.

[ via cam ]

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