this is for those who don’t visit the blogger homepage regularly and therefore won’t see citizen layne’s latest piece, media web logs for fun and no profit, which gives an upbeat assessment of blogging from on online journalism perspective:

“For two weeks, I’ve been trying to write about the Blogger phenomenon. Make coffee, turn on the computer, check e-mail, stare at Microsoft Word for a while, and look at some Web sites for inspiration.

And then, instead of writing this column, I would add a bunch of nonsense to my Blogger buddy. It’s freakin’ addictive. So, if you write for a living, don’t read this, and don’t try the Web-log game. It’s too easy, and it will Suck Your Soul Away.”

and is it a coincidence or not that dave points to a new blog by newsweek reporter deborah branscum – who is definitely not pulling any punches:

“Earth to execs: Your quotes are bullshit. You know it. We know it. Don’t force your PR folks into fiction writing. Why not quote a customer or supplier—and then only when there’s some actual news-related development? Or be really wild and quote an unrelated credible third party. Finally, consider quoting this
person saying something that meaningful or, at the very least, plausible. Otherwise, just stop it. Please, I’m begging you.”

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