regular visitors will already know that jakob has been on a waplash crusade for awhile. recently he reinvigorated [with some help] the campaign with the release of the wap usability report:

“When users were asked whether they were likely to use a WAP phone within one year, a resounding 70% answered no. WAP is not ready for prime time yet, nor do users expect it to be usable any time soon. Remember, this finding comes after respondents had used WAP services for a week, so their conclusions are significantly more valid than answers from focus group participants who are simply asked to speculate about whether they would like WAP. We surveyed people who had suffered through the painful experience of using WAP, and they definitely didn’t like it.

The report details the many usability problems that caused users to come to this negative conclusion. Unless the usability of mobile Internet services and devices improves considerably, people will simply not use them and billions of dollars will be wasted.”

the only reason i’m linking to it here is that the register made me giggle with its summary that wap is cwap.

say it ten times really fast. you’ll find it popping into your head at the oddest moments.

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