i don’t know if friskit will actually be one of 5 hot new technologies that could change your life in 2001, but it still has some good things going for it. if you want a quick and dirty way to find some music, then it’s one option:

“If you’ve used the infamous file-sharing program
Napster, you know that while it’s very cool, you still have to
wait for the song to download before you can listen to it. A
new Silicon Valley start-up called Friskit has come up with
something way cooler than file-sharing: stream-sharing. Go
to Friskit.com, type in the name of the artist, genre or song
that you want to hear, and a few seconds later your chosen
music starts playing. How? Friskit searches the Internet for
Web sites that stream music (in RealAudio, Windows
Media or MP3 formats), then serves them up to you one
after the other with very little wait (and no hard-drive
clutter, since there’s no downloading). Even better, the
interface is so simple and elegant that anyone can use
it—something the major record labels with their
billion-dollar revenues haven’t been able to manage.”

one big caveat – the web interface doesn’t render properly with mozilla.

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