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i’m in michigan [grand rapids] on vacation and it has snowed every day since i’ve been here. it’s a regular winter wonderland. i was so inspired that i actually went snowmobiling yesterday. i’ve never driven a ‘sled’ before. if you find yourself negotiating a turn at an angle, don’t slow down. slower is not better. […]

the complexity digest is superb. where else are you going to find out about Transmission of Information and Herd Behavior: An Application to Financial Markets : “We propose a model for stochastic formation of opinion clusters, modeled by an evolving network, and herd behavior to account for the observed fat-tail distribution in returns of financial-price […]

More Than Just Jabber. jabber + groove: “Whiteboarding document sharing inside of a Web browser—collaborative browsing, they call it. A lot of applications already do this. But what we’re building is one generic architecture that can really handle the back end for all sorts of those applications. Say you’re in Palm Pilot and you want […]

Building an adaptable Web app front end with XML and XSL: “Using XML to describe parts of a Web app user interface can make it easy to convert the UI for multiple devices via XSL style sheets. The article describes using XML data and XSL style sheets to build the user interface of complex Web […]

i’ve been picking-up the pace of tinkering with linux at home. it’s always a drag because there’s always some application or another that requires m$ and hasn’t been ported to linux. although the list of applications is getting smaller, and it really feels like it’s almost possible to not have to boot up the windows […]

there’s really only three things you need to remember: food, friends and family.

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sometimes the most simple things are the hardest to see clearly: “Email will become the killerer app. It continued to work when all else failed. Communication – not consumer storefronts – is the core value provided by the net and email is the star. The best things on the net make things easier and faster. […]

i’ve been thinking of starting my own webcast and the Streaming MP3 Server Guide looks like it’ll come in handy: “The purpose of this document is to describe the process of using Linux based tools to setup a server used for streaming MP3 data. With a streaming MP3 server, a wad of MP3′s, and a […]

NET STRUCK BY WAVE OF TANGENTIALISM CLOUDS DEPRESS ME: “Internet sites from to ZDNet today reported being hit by a mysterious wave of tangentialism, with the content on many sites rendered almost entirely useless as it trails off in obscure or loosely related cousin George III was the crazy king. “What concerns us most […]

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