whoohooo! it looks like the folks over at blogvoices are displaying the virtues of all great programmers – laziness, impatience and hubris:

“BlogVoices is a free discussion system for Blogger-powered blogs.

BlogVoices is provided to members of the Blogger community who (1) do not have the resources to create a discussion system for themselves or (2) choose not to pay for the built-in system available
in Blogger Pro. ”

i have been toying with the idea of adding a new sub.section that will include a discussion component and this makes my life alot easier [if it works, i haven’t tried it out yet].

however, i really have no idea if anyone that visits is active enough to contribute to a discussion. i know how infrequently i contribute anything worthwhile to online discussion communities and i presume most people are similarly [un]motivated.

if you have an opinion one way or another, drop me an e.mail. i suppose it would be instructive to see if there was any differences in responses between the visitors to the different sections of the vast wasteland.

[via genehack]

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