two great pieces of writing that are all the more interesting when juxtoposed. first, lance arthur lets loose a piece on being a blogging elitist:

” All his power, which he deigns to share with only those on a level with him, those few, those happy few on the battlements looking down, far far down on the rabble and scum below, circling and illuminating him like the rings of Saturn. ‘ah,’ he thinks to himself, sharing not this consummate clarity of cerebral enlightenment with those too dull or ignorant to understand even a tenth of its vast and inwieldy wisdom, ‘what must it be like to be one of them.”

and then there’s zeldman’s latest installment of his glamourous life:

“For seven nights they’ve stayed on separate coasts. She watches her brother’s baby in a sleepy seaside town. He clicks and curses in New York.
        Every night they phone each other. But tonight was different.
        Tonight they talked.
        They talked for hours. Like they used to talk when they were falling in love.
        Before they lived together.

They’ve decided to buy a string and two cans.

For when she gets back.”

two great examples of using the medium for entirely different – but equally outstanding – purposes.

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